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Andrew Flanagan and the International Brigades

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Andrew Flanagan and his coming back to England
Andrew was repatriated to England in December 1938. At the beginning of the New Year he was in Birmingham at mother's home however in September 1940 he joined in the Royal Pioneer Corps.  That is what Edwing Greening remembers about their meeting "One day in early September, as I was walking along the road to Westward Ho village, I met a sergeant coming towards me. There was something familiar about his walk and his face. He, too looked closely at me. I said "Flanagan!" He stopped and extended his hand. "Taffy Greening of the 1st Company the British Battalion!" he said. He was one of the men in Spain who had married a Spanish girl from Tarazona de la Mancha(*). At the collapse of the Spanish Republic she had failed to get out of Spain. He did not now where she now lived. We sat on a nearby wall and discussed the situation. He was now in a Pioneer Battalion of Republican Spaniards. He had volunteered to serve in it and he invited me to apply for a transfer to his battalion. Flanagan was a good fellow and I spent several days thinking about it, but I eventually decided against it." . Text from Edwing Greening, From Aberdare to Albacete: A Welsh International Brigader's memoirs of his life. pag. 117
(*) Andrew's wife was from Madrigueras. Tarazona de la Mancha is a village close to Madrigueras and where the XV International Brigades Headquarters stayed for a time.
The research is going on because we have not more information about him until now. Thanks to Edwing's memoirs we knew he  joined in the Royal Pioneer Corps.