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Andrew Flanagan and the International Brigades

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I was born in Barcelona, Spain.

You will be wondering why I am interested about International Brigades and I am going to explain why.

My family on my mother's side come from Madrigueras, Albacete. In 1936 when the Spanish civil war broke out, thousands of men came from many countries to Spain to fought beside the Spanish Republic. Albacete was the International Brigades Headquarters and some of the villages near the city were the training centres. Madrigueras was one of them.

In December 1936 a young man from Birmingham, England came to Spain. He was 19 years old and his name was Andrew Flanagan. Andrew was sent to Madrigueras and met  Sagrario Cabaņero, a young woman from the village. They felt in love and married. Sagrario was my grandmother so Andrew Flanagan was my grandfather.

Many people has told me that I was born, thanks to the International Brigades, because Andrew and Sagrario had a baby, Andrea, my mother.

Sorry! my name is Olga

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