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Andrew Flanagan and the International Brigades

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Alun Menai Williams 1913-2006

Alun Menai Williams. Barcelona 7th June 2006. Photo Olga

Alun Menai Williams, 19th February 1913 to 2nd July 2006. Sanitario, Thaelmann battalion, Garibaldi battalion, George Washington battalion, Abraham Lincoln battalion, British battalion. Alun Menai Williams passed away at the Heath Hospital, Cardiff, Wales.


Alun Menai Williams was the last surviving Welshman who left Britain to serve in the International Brigades alongside the Spanish people in their struggle against the military rebellion of July 1936. After many adventures attempting to get into Spain. Alun served firstly with the American Abraham Lincoln Battalion at Jarama, Brunete, Belchite and Teruel. Transfering to the British Battalion, he fought in the Battle of the Ebro, and was present at the leaving of the International Brigades from Barcelona in 1938.


From the Rhondda to the Ebro is his autobiography published in 2004 by Warren & Pell Publishing.   


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