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Andrew Flanagan and the International Brigades

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Prelude to the Last Battle
The International Brigades in the Priorat, 1938 


During the spring of 1938, the Republican army was stationed in different locations within the Priorat region to recover, both mentally and physically, after the terrible retreat from the Aragon front. Fron then on, military preparations were set in motion to form the Army of the Ebro, culminating in the Republic's last ambitious offesive -the Battle  of the Ebro. In this period of repite from the front lines that is was covered by this book and by the exhibition, Prelude to the last Battle: The International Brigades in the Priorat,1938, a collection of photographs that illustrate the times of recreation and tranquillity when the soldiers were closer to the people of the villages and could find moments to enjoy the life again.


We have pleasure in announcing that the book of photographs to accompany our travelling exhibition, 'Prelude to the Last Battle', has now been published in English and Catalan. We will soon be able to announce the time and place of the official presentation.


Next Friday 24th April at 7:30pm will be presented the photo book (bilingual, both in Catalan and English) '
PRELUDE TO THE LAST BATTLE: The International Brigades in the Priorat, 1938' in the Public Library Savador Estrem of Falset (41, Baix St.). The journalist and writer Toni Orensanz will be the presenter

Any person or institution collaborating with NJLM will be presented with a copy. Everybody is invited.

One chapter of the book is dedicated to Andrew Flanagan, page 72.

This book has been produced  by the editorial committee of No Jubilem la Meṃria. Angela Jackson has been the president of this cultural association since 2003, the year of its foundation. She is the author of various books on the Spanish Civil War, including her doctoral tessis, British women and the Spanish Civil War soon to be published in Spanish as Británicas y la Guerra Civil Española. Her most recent book, At the Margins of Mayhem: Prologue and Epilogue to the Last Great Battle of the Spanish Civil War (Warren & Pell Publishing, 2008) is the result of her ongoing research and has also been published  in Catalan as Els brigadistes entre nosaltres (Cossetània, Valls, 2008)

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